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If you:

you should join IPCHAIN. You can do it as follows:

Sign an agreement with the Russian National Intellectual Property Transactions Coordination Center (the “Association”)

Publish links to your standards for digital description of IP objects on the central node of the IPCHAIN.RU network

Deploy the [NOTARE.IPCHAIN] network node software on your servers and integrate it with your own software solutions. As a result, you will be able to post transactions in IP objects and rights on the IPCHAIN network.

Adapt your digital IP objects repository for operation in the IPCHAIN network. (You can use smart contracts to provide access to IP objects by using the open-source code available at the [RIPOSARY.IPCHAIN] repository. After that, you can continue using any IP object storage formats you like.)

Create your own contracts to easily manage IP rights using the [CONTRATTO.IPCHAIN] open-source library to minimize IP rights management costs while taking into account you business specifics.

Inform all of your employees, authors, and customers about the new features of your systems. Tell them that your IP management system has become more open, transparent, and reliable.

Promote the free exchange of information, use the IPCHAIN network to improve the quality of transactions, create new services related to depositing or using typical or atypical IP objects, or resolving disputes over such objects, and otherwise help to expand the opportunities for all IPCHAIN participants.