IPChain Lab

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IPChain Lab is a partnership project of the Skolkovo Foundation and the IPChain Association, created to implement projects at the intersection of creative industries, content production and technology.

IPChain Lab is currently developing and investing in some amazing new tools, which include digital modelling and design capabilities, distributed ledgers and "smart contracts”, because it understands that these technologies are rapidly shaping the market for intelligent products and services and will become increasingly influential in the digital sphere.

IPChain Lab focuses on such technologies as Artificial Intelligence
(AI), Machine Learning, Big Data, sensorics and robotics, distributed ledger systems and neurotechnology.

The main areas of development are:
- Monitoring audiovisual content using Artificial Intelligence;
- Depositing software code and design into blockchain registries to safeguard intellectual property rights;
- Analyzing music and using technology to determine its emotional impact.