Russian Center for the Circulation of Rights to the Results of Creative Activities

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The functions of the center include supporting the connection to the IPChain infrastructure of corporate and public services and platforms owned by private companies and companies with state participation.

As the IPChain infrastructure operator, the Russian Center ensures the safe functioning of the created infrastructure and the development of services for scientists and engineers, musicians and filmmakers, advertising and architectural firms - for all areas of creative, scientific and technical activities, where intellectual property protection is vitally important.

The Coordinating Council of the Russian Center includes representatives of Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, the Ministry of Culture and other interested authorities, departments and public associations.

The Russian Center develops common approaches to the exchange of information on intellectual property. Other priorities include providing support for high-tech exports, expanding opportunities for the protection and defense of intellectual rights for Russian creative products, as well as education in the field of intellectual property.

The functions of the Russian Center will include the preparation and submission of proposals to authorities to regulate the functioning of IT infrastructure in the IP sphere, the organization of provision and implementation of public services and functions in the circulation of rights to the results of intellectual activity, including in the scientific and technological sphere.