IPChain Association is a non-profit corporate organization. The premier founders of the Association are:

The general founders of the Association are:

The primary goal of the Association is to develop standards, technologies, and tools to enable effective collaboration between IP market participants in the digital domain.

The Association holds activities to promote high standards of IP management and help both professional or public associations and individuals improve their skill sets required for the transition to the digital economy, to ensure a confident and qualitative growth in the volume of creation and turnover of IP objects.

The Association is working on the unification of the standards describing IP objects, transactions, and participants' rights with a view to create tremendous opportunities for exporting IP rights and help local rights holders enter into the global intellectual property market.

The Association intends to promote Russian intellectual property services among foreign legal entities and individuals, especially in the countries most actively involved in trade and economic cooperation with Russia (Eurasian Economic Union, BRICS, etc.).

The Association will ensure the stable operation and development of the IPCHAIN decentralized ledger that stores transaction blocks containing IP rights and objects data.


The IPCHAIN network brings together the major owners and aggregators of digital intellectual property objects, including:

[NOTARE.IPCHAIN], the core software necessary to set up and run IPCHAIN network nodes that record transactions in IP objects and rights, is available for use under an open license. It means that anyone can freely use it to connect [RIPOSARY.IPCHAIN] repositories for digital IP objects to IPCHAIn and use smart contracts from the [CONTRATTO.IPCHAIN] collections to provide easy access to the IP objects. This way, the Association will create a digital trust-space for creators, rights holders, users and other individuals or legal entities that deal with the intellectual property rights or provide IP management or legal protection services.

IPCHAIN is a platform that can dramatically increase the number and availability of IP services offered to IP market participants via the global network.

IPCHAIN is used to develop services for free circulation of scientific papers, that ensure that the creators get a fair compensation, genetic information databases, services for selling 3D printing models, services allowing the rights holders to receive royalties for public performance of their music in public places, and many others.

IPCHAIN enables governmental authorities dealing with IP rights to achieve a major breakthrough in their activities and helps them optimize their services.

IPCHAIN ensures information integrity and provides easy access to transaction data via the network inspector search engine. The decentralized network has the following advantages: