BEATSHARING WORKSHOP in Moscow: Producers to Show How Popular Music is Created

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STUDIO PLACE will host a music workshop with an emphasis on live music track creation, which will include lectures, discussions, etc.

The curators of the program are: Claude Money, Shumno, Aarne, OSA, Breezy Muzik, White Punk, Roman Voloznev, Malika Khidirova (A&R-manager of the First Music label) and Arseniy Astashkin (senior sound engineer of Igor Matvienko's studio complex). Roman Voloznev will demonstrate how to "animate" a modern pop track with orchestration and a choir section, and how to create music and sound design for film. 

The session with OSA will focus on contemporary music arrangements. Arseny Astashkin will reveal secrets of mixing tracks from scratch; Malika Khidirova will present tips on developing a personal brand for producers. In addition, the headliner of the workshop program will be Aarne, who will share his story behind the creation of his popular hit “Tight,”  demonstrate the creation of a beat live and answer questions from the audience.

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