Foundation for Assistance to Innovation

The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (the Foundation for Assistance to Innovation) is a state non-profit organization in the form of a federal state budget institution established in accordance with Resolution No. 65 of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 3, 1994.

At present, the Government of the Russian Federation is transforming the system of development institutions, which envisages their integration into the management perimeter of VEB.RF. A centralized investment block is being created on the basis of VEB.RF to implement projects contributing to the achievement of national development objectives. The priority of VEB.RF Group is the consolidation of public and private investment resources for a breakthrough development of the country, improvement of quality and creation of comfortable living conditions for the people.

The Fund's objectives

  • implementing government policy for development and support of science and technology;
  • creation and development of support infrastructure;
  • creation of new jobs for effective use of the scientific and technical potential of the Russian Federation;
  • financial, informational and other assistance;
  • involvement of young people in innovative activities;
  • attraction of extrabudgetary investments into the sphere of small innovative entrepreneurship.