Federal Reserve System of Knowledge Banks


An infrastructure of open and interoperable databases (repositories) with different types of content for use in the scientific environment and media industry, as well as by any network users.

Objectives of the Noosphere

  • to provide integration of the main repositories of the system for continuous online data exchange;
  • creating a system for identification of works and defining the necessary set of metadata;
  • providing access to the works registered in the system even in case of their unavailability in the original repository;
  • creating the broadest possible base of objects in the public domain;
  • providing users with information on the legal status of a particular work;
  • protection of authors' rights - first and foremost, for the attribution and wide distribution of the work;
  • increasing the number of works of science and art available for free use;
  • creating mechanisms for motivating authors to place their works in the public domain;
  • popularization of the ideas of open access and legal education of Internet users;
  • attracting people and organizations that share the principles of the Noosphere Project to the system;
  • creation of new standards for the distribution and storage of information in the electronic environment.