Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Polytech)

The Polytechnic University strives to implement the state policy in the sphere of higher education with maximum responsibility. One of the directions of this policy is to create a new economy: the economy of knowledge, leadership and innovation. And the key link here is highly qualified engineering staff, possessing advanced world technologies, capable of solving new complex industrial problems and ready to bring the Russian economy to a new level of development.

Technological needs of an innovative knowledge economy require a new generation of engineering and technical personnel possessing a wide range of key competencies. Understanding this, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University sets a goal to train specialists with systemic and global thinking; possessing both specialized and inter-, multi- and transnational knowledge, skills and abilities; ready for continuous learning and self-improvement.

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great is the largest technical university in the country with historically strong scientific schools, with undeniable results and achievements in scientific, educational and innovative activities. Based on key global trends in research, development, technology and education, by the year 2020 it strives to be among the world's top 100 universities, ranking among the leaders in world education. This is the task set by the large-scale state program "5-100-2020".

Goal of SPbPU

The strategic goal of SPbPU is to modernize and develop the university as a globally competitive scientific and educational center that integrates world-class multidisciplinary research and technology and is among the world's leading universities.

Mission of SPbPU

The Polytechnic University's mission is to ensure its own competitiveness in the domestic and international markets of educational services and become a reliable partner of the state in the development of Russian economic power and international influence: to be a globally competitive research and education center and enter the list of world-leading universities, provide advanced training of new generation personnel and technological modernization of core industries on the basis of multi-disciplinary research and technology application.