Sitronics Group was established in 2002 with the creation of KNC on the basis of which the Russian microelectronics company NIIME and Mikron and the Czech manufacturer of telecommunication equipment and software Strom Telecom were united.

In 2006, the assets of several IT companies were merged into JSC SITRONICS. The company has achieved significant success in the creation and implementation of integrated intelligent transport systems, development of technological solutions for national digitalization projects, worked with clusters of state corporations and cooperated with companies at different levels of maturity - from start-ups to global players.

Over the years, Sitronics Group has significantly expanded its areas of work and expanded its list of competencies, which allowed the company to position itself as a multidisciplinary business. In 2018, SITRONICS JSC became a 100% shareholder of Kontsel JSC. An important milestone in the development of Sitronics Group was the approval in 2020 of a new strategy with a focus on the transition from a system integrator model to a high-tech company model aimed at growing its own competencies in the digitalization of the industry. In the same year, Sitronics entered the ranking as the top 3 fastest-growing IT companies in Russia.