“Russian Creative Week - Siberia” Second Forum to Take Place in Krasnoyarsk.

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On November 24-25 the "Russian Creative Week - Siberia" second district forum will take place in Krasnoyarsk, the capital of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Krai.

We discussed with Igor Namakonov, Director General of the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), what factors and entrepreneurial drivers he considered to be important for forming a strong creative region. 

"I interpret freedom as responsibility,”  Namakonov said. 

Additionally, we asked Namakonov, which particular industries did the festival focus on upon entering the Siberian region for the second time? What creative features and possibilities of the region did CIF explore this time around?

“In my opinion, Krasnoyarsk is a big regional center with a strong economy. In fact, this year Krasnoyarsk has shown that it is possible to move forward actively despite being faced with limitations in certain spheres, like infrastructure for example, and how it is possible to accomplish great results when you have the necessary political will and a strong team working on an initiative. 

I am talking about the "Industry" Foundation that was established this year and has already done a lot of things. This was particularly achieved as a result of [the first Creative Week initiative], which defined a regional agenda and motivated the regional governor to move the subject forward in a very qualitative way. Consequently it has become clear that events like Russian Creative Week, when it comes to a particular region, form interesting connections, motivate people and create a good dynamic for the development of local creative activity. 

This year it will be interesting to see how the region will present itself and how what results it will achieve through the initiative. This will be addressed in our presentation of the Yenisei 100 Creative Leaders. Apart from that, this event is important because it comes at a time when it is crucial for everyone [in Russia] to talk about how we will cooperate in the future and how we will work in the current economic, social and political situation in the country,” Namakonov said.  

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