Russian Government Approves Action Plan for the Development of Creative Industries

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Great news for Russian сreators! Creative entrepreneurs will have more opportunities to develop their own products as a result of the new action plan developed for the implementation of the Creative Industries Development Concept approved by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. 

The plan for 2022-2024 is aimed to create conditions for the development of creative entrepreneurship and promotion of domestic creative brands. The governmental website specified that with such support, creative industries will be able to attract investments, facilitate job creation and the development of the economy and contribute significantly to the country’s GDP. 

One of the main avenues of support will be the legislative consolidation of the concepts of "creative industries" and "creative entrepreneurship", and the definition of priority measures needed to support the creative industries based on the specifics of each region.

Andrey Krichevsky, head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Committee on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries, commented on the action plan:

"The plan is extremely important, the whole creative sector has been looking forward to it. The document contains a lot of useful measures and it is obvious that the government intends to sharpen the educational system and develop infrastructure. Popularization activities are also incredibly important. People need to know about available opportunities for self-realization in the creative industries. The advantage of the plan is that many measures are aimed at the protection of intellectual property, which is the main, and often the only, asset for this type of economy. There is also a long-awaited measure on finding loans secured by intellectual property. Recently, Elvira Nabiullina expressed the intention of the Russian Central Bank to resolve this issue at the meeting on priority national projects".

Krichevsky also pointed out that in spite of all the mentioned advantages, the governmental Creative Industries Development Concept has one obvious disadvantage - its incompleteness. According to the head of the RSPP Committee, this factor shows the government’s unwillingness to change the institutional environment, because the creative economy is based on investments in creative work and the exploitation of the results of such work - intellectual property.

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