The Role of Mass Media in the Creative Industries

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Participants of the “Russian Creative Week”, which took place from July 7-10, discussed the importance of mass media for the creative industries.

Experts came to the consensus that the creative industries need to create an effective information agenda.

The “New Media” sector held a discussion called “Cultural Talk. New Media and Creative Industries” on the importance of media for the creative industries and the influence that journalists and influencers have on industries of material and non-material production.

The discussion included the following speakers: Maria Kolmakova, Managing Director of “The Voice Mag” media project; Natalia Alexa, Editor-in-Chief of “Theories and Practices” educational media platform; Anastasia Drozdova, Creative Editor of the media portal; Alexei Govorukhin, Executive Director of the KinoReporter magazine; Evgeniya Smurgina, Director of “The City” media project; Larisa Pogonina, RTVI Marketing and Communications Director; Alexei Fedorko, General Director of “Vokrug TV” media and Evgeniya Dorofeeva, Editor-in-Chief of the IPQuorum publication. The session was moderated by Maria Makhanova, Creative Producer of Editorial Projects of the “Snob” media project.

Creative industries are a business.

The concept of “creative industries” was formed back in 2014 in an Executive Order signed by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on the “Basics of State Cultural Policy”. In 2021, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the “Concept on the Development of the Creative Industries in Russia” by 2030.

At the moment, according to statistics, there are about 748,000 organizations in Russia involved in the creative industries. At the same time, a clear definition of "creative industries" has not yet been formulated. Therefore, every discussion on this topic starts with a clarification of which specific activities are considered to be a part of the creative industries and which ones are not.  

"I am convinced that without us, without media, establishing active cooperation between creators and business representatives is impossible, because it is not enough to create something, one should also be able to talk about it. Creative industries should be considered ‘cool’, which means they should be actively and competently promoted,” Maria Kolmakova, Managing Director of “The Voice Mag” media project, said.

"Russia has a very small share of people employed in the creative industries. This figure is barely 5% of the total population. Additionally, the creative industries occupy 2.4% of Russia’s GDP, while in the rest of the world, this figure is three times higher. Our task as media platforms, is to increase this percentage so that our audience will start to drive the creative economy," Anastasia Drozdova, Creative Editor of, said.

Evgenia Dorofeeva, Editor-in-Chief of IPQuorum, said that the task of mass media is to establish and develop communication between the creative community and big businesses, which will facilitate the growth of the creative industries’ share in the Russia’s GDP. 

As a result of the discussion on the role of media in the creative industries, it became evident that for the successful and stable development of the creative industries, it is crucial to support them not only financially, but also by creating a favorable and effective information environment around them. This way, media will contribute to spreading a positive image of the creative industry in society and show what role creators play in the country’s development.

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