“What University Graduates Lack to Work in Creative Industries” - Moscow State Pedagogical University Survey

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Every third employer in Russia believes that qualified specialists in the creative industries are very rare, and every second employer thinks that it is important for a potential employee to have a higher education degree and that it is necessary to retrain graduates for working in the creative industries. These conclusions were presented as part of research conducted by the Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSGU), in connection to efforts dedicated to the development of the creative economy of Moscow.

Additionally, the research looked at what employers believed university graduates were lacking when they entered the workforce. As it turns out, employers were not happy about young employees, who they discovered were often ill-fit for the position and whom they often had to retrain to work in the creative spheres. 

“What Should a Young Professional in the Creative Industries Look Like?” was the subject of the MSGU "Employers' Views on Required Competencies for Developing the Creative Economy in Moscow" research project, which was presented by Anastasia Belolutskaya, Candidate of Psychological Sciences and head of the Professional Competencies Evaluation and Adult Development Laboratory of MSGU. 

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