The largest collection of newsreel in Russia
Net-Film was established in 2007. Over the years, tens of thousands of films have been digitized and Russia's largest digital archive of newsreels and documentaries has been created, which is now used by the leading producers of films and television content, both in Russia and abroad. Thanks to the accumulated experience, convenient and technological tools for managing media archives have been created. In their work, they are used by major government institutions in Russia and in CIS countries, as well as by private film companies. In 2020, new services were launched for the sale of modern footage and photographs for use in content creation.
For producers of film and content
- Provision of newsreel; - Provision of licenses; - Editorial services.
- Content distribution; - Digitization and cataloging.
TV channels and streaming services
- Screening movies.
Museums and exhibitions
- Films for exhibitions and expositions; - Integrative solutions.
Date and time
Type of transaction