Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology
Main tasks:
- Implementation of the functions of the national standards body; - Ensuring the uniformity of measurements; - Implementation of state control (supervision) over compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and mandatory standards; - Establishment and maintenance of the federal information fund of the technical regulations and standards and a unified information system for technical regulation; - Organizational and methodological guidance for the maintenance of the federal cataloging system for products for federal government needs; - Organization of work on accounting of cases of harm caused due to violation of the requirements of technical regulations; - Organizational and methodological support of the Russian Federation Government Award in the field of quality and other competitions in the field of quality; - Rendering state services in the sphere of standardization, technical regulation and metrology.
Attestation of measurement standards.
Verification of measuring instruments.
Approval of the type of standard samples or type of measuring instruments.
Maintaining a cadastre of civilian and service weapons and ammunition.
Date and time
Type of transaction