Intellectual Property Market Architecture

Intellectual property serves as one of the main indicators of the socio-economic potential of the state. 

Digital technology offers enormous opportunities for incorporating creative products into economic circulation.

An in-depth cross-industry analysis of the world's leading economies has made it possible to develop a universal five-level IP market infrastructure, which simultaneously takes into account the interests of government, business and society and can work effectively regardless of the economic and cultural characteristics of the region.

The introduction of IP items into economic turnover on the basis of the presented infrastructure allows accelerating the processes of creation and monetization of creative products with a significant reduction of costs.

Integration of the new business model of the IP market infrastructure has been implemented in Russia for the first time, while in other countries the formation of its individual elements continues.

Level 5 Industrial Business Applications and Cloud Services
Level 4 Ecosystem Ecosystem Services
INTELLPART DEPOZITARIUM Еnsuring legal protection based on the deposit of a copyrighted IP item
Level 3 Platform Platform Solutions
CROWDSALE.NETWORK Crowdfunding platform for financing projects, including the creation of IP items
Level 2 Infrastructure Public Network Infrastructure
Level 1 Governmental and Legal Regulators and Government Institution
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Department of Intellectual Property Rights)
Courts 1st instance: District courts 2nd instance: Regional courts 3rd instance: Supreme Court
National Institute of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Societies for the collective management of copyright and related rights: "Non-profit Organization for the Protection of Copyright and Related Rights" Amanat"", ROO "Kazakhstan Society for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights" (COUPIS), ROO "Performers of Kazakh Songs" (ROO IKP), ROO "Union of Songwriters" (ROO SAP) , ROO "Author's Society" Abyroi ", ROO "Kazakhstan Authors' Society" (KazAK), ROOO "National Union of Rightsholders ", ALE" Association of Phonogram Producers ".