Intellectual Property Market Architecture

Intellectual property serves as one of the main indicators of the socio-economic potential of the state. 

Digital technology offers enormous opportunities for incorporating creative products into economic circulation.

An in-depth cross-industry analysis of the world's leading economies has made it possible to develop a universal five-level IP market infrastructure, which simultaneously takes into account the interests of government, business and society and can work effectively regardless of the economic and cultural characteristics of the region.

The introduction of IP items into economic turnover on the basis of the presented infrastructure allows accelerating the processes of creation and monetization of creative products with a significant reduction of costs.

Integration of the new business model of the IP market infrastructure has been implemented in Russia for the first time, while in other countries the formation of its individual elements continues.

Level 5 Industrial Business Applications and Cloud Services
Ujo Music Project music listening and downloading
dotBC music listening and downloading
Inmusik music listening and downloading
Stem music listening and downloading music listening and downloading
Audius music listening and downloading
Breaker music listening and downloading
CORE RIGHTS music listening and downloading
PurpleThrone music listening and downloading
SoundSTR music listening and downloading
Artoty preview artworks
MPEG LA patent licensing
Vezt music listening and downloading
Artlery preview artworks
ARTTOUJOURS purchase and sale of artworks
LookRev purchase and sale of industrial designs
Codex Protocol purchase and sale of artworks
PeerTracks music listening and downloading
CurrentXChange music listening and downloading
Shutterstock purchase and sale of copyright items
Level 4 Ecosystem Ecosystem Services
SOUNDAC depositing and providing access to music
VERISART depositing and providing access to works of art
Vaultitude depositing and providing access to any type of IP
KODAKOne depositing and providing access to photos
All Public Art depositing and providing access to information about works of art
Patexia patent research / expertise depositing and providing access to media content
Operem confirmation of the fact of creation of any IP item
Monegraph depositing and providing access to works of literature
Patentprufer patent research / expertise
LexisNexis patent research / expertise
Loci patent research / expertise
Level 3 Platform Platform Solutions
Online Arbitration Services online dispute resolution
RocketHub crowdfunding platform for creative projects
Intellectual Property Coin Group platform for the purchase and sale of IP items
Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for creative projects
DeMars&Associates online dispute resolution
International Council for Online Dispute Resolution online dispute resolution
PledgeMusic crowdfunding platform for musicians
Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for creative projects
Patreon crowdfunding platform for creative projects
Seed Engin crowdfunding platform for creative projects
National Center for technology&Dispute Resolution online dispute resolution
JAMS Online Mediation online dispute resolution
Cybersttle online dispute resolution
Level 2 Infrastructure Public Network Infrastructure
Level 1 Governmental and Legal Regulators and Government Institution
U.S. Department of Commerce
Library of Congress
U.S. Department of Agriculture
United States Patent and Trademark Office
United States Copyright Office
US Agricultural Marketing Service
United States Plant Breeding Advancement
Courts 1. Federal and state courts. 2. Circuit Court of Appeals 3. Supreme Court.
Societies for the Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights: Copyright Review Center (CCC), Motion Picture Licensing Society MPLC, Harry Fox Agency (HFA), Music Broadcasting Organization (BMI), American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP),Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC)