Creative Professions That Shape Moscow’s Economy Have Been Supported for Over 10 Years

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The "World Quality Day 2022" international forum has just ended in Moscow

On the forum’s final day, experts discussed the importance of intellectual capital for Russia. The central topic of the discussion focused on the cultural and economic future of the country. After all, Russia’s economy is formed not only through its gas, oil or heavy machinery industries. 

The forum pinpointed intellectual capital as the driving force behind the country’s creative industries, which form real value and serve as the basis of a new cultural reality. 

“There is crazy competition for [creative] people and knowledge right now," Vadim Duda, Director of the Russian State Library, said. “Our country is rich not only in mineral resources, but also in talented, intelligent and creative people.”

According Duda, Moscow can confidently be called the creative capital of Russia.

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